My Practice

Over the last ten years I have developed my treatment programme to include:

Psychotherapeutic counselling:

In a collaborative approach based on myself and my clients. The investigative nature of this process allows for dynamic discussion, so that old and unwanted negative patterns of behaviour can be understood and modified to enable positive change.

Solution focused hypnotherapy:

Under hypnosis client are encouraged to consider their future, working towards achieving their goals. Whilst drawing a line under old negative trauma and confidently striving for future success.


Neuro-linguistic programming examines the client’s thoughts and strategies and analyses the language they use to describe perceived failures. The client can then recognise; self-limiting negative language patterns. Adopting positive expression and thereby achieving personal goals. The NLP approach, mirrors positive language usage which encourages success whilst achieving set goals.
Emotional Freedom Technique is based in Chinese Medicine and is used to immediately bring physical and emotional relief by focusing on the client meridian points. The repeated pressure [tapping] on specific areas of the body enables the restoration of the natural energy flow, correcting imbalances caused by emotional trauma.
I am devoted to improving my client’s lives and offer solutions to fit their issues however entrenched or intrusive. In my many years of experience; I have met with seemingly impossible cases and helped many clients remove limiting beliefs about themselves.

If you want to become the true version of yourself just call me personally for your free initial consultation on 07879 025218, email me at or click here to complete an enquiry from.