Alcohol Abuse

Controlling Alcohol addiction with the help of hypnotherapy

Binge drinking or thinking that you are unable to function without a drink can leave you feeling out of control and concerned about your long term health. Hypnotherapy can quickly help you regain control over your consumption and even help you to stop drinking altogether. Have you ever woken up with a hangover, wondering what you did or said on that night out? Or maybe your nightly glass of wine has become a bottle?  Hypnosis can quickly help you become more comfortable with the choices you make.

Treating confidence issues with hypnotherapy

We are all born with confidence but, as we grow older, our life experience can chip away at it, often leaving us feeling inadequate and lowering our self-worth. Perhaps you have suffered from shyness and overtime this has prevented you from expressing yourself and made you feel unsure about your capabilities? Or was there a particular incident that plays on your mind?

In one session, Susie can help you to regain your confidence and address the particular areas in your life where you feel you need to move forward. Becoming more confident will change how you feel about yourself and help you in every area of your life.


Treating depression with hypnotherapy

A special treatment package helps you regain control of your thought patterns so that you can quickly challenge any negative thoughts and think positively and rationally. You learn to identify positive techniques that help distract your attention from negative thoughts, helping you feel more motivated to achieve and complete everyday tasks and activities.

This process also allows those suffering from anxiety to manage it more effectively. Feeling calmer and more relaxed, you are able to switch off your busy active conscious mind. These benefits can have a positive effect upon your sleep patterns too, helping you to break poor sleeping habits and allowing you to enjoy a deep and sound sleep.

Drug Use

Recreational and Prescribed Drug Use and hypnotherapy

We live busy and stressful lives. Sometimes we fall into dangerous and destructive habits and have difficulty seeing where the use of drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana is affecting our daily lives. It’s also easy to rely on unnecessary prescribed drugs such as sleeping pills or pain killers.

Hypnotherapy is highly successful in helping clients reclaim or balance their lives. Once an understanding of the situation is clear, we can tailor our approach together and, by building trust and rapport and using a mix of hypnotic suggestion and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, enhance your emotional and cognitive systems, helping you make the changes you would like to achieve.

This programme is suitable for those who use drugs recreationally or for pain relief/sleep. But please note that hypnosis is not suitable for heavy opiate (heroin) crack cocaine users. They should approach their GP or seek advice from their local social services.

Exams & Driving Tests

Passing Exams or Driving Tests with the help of hypnotherapy

Don’t overthink an up and coming test or exam by allowing the same repetitive thought patterns to undermine your chances of success. Susie can eliminate self-doubt and improve your chances in one session.  Her approach combines solution-focused hypnosis, relaxation methods and Neuro-Linguistic Programming so you’ll be in the right frame of mind to achieve the best possible results.

Susie’s clients report they also find they can retain and recall facts more easily and felt more confident on the day.

Fears & Phobias

Mastering Fears and Phobias with the help of hypnotherapy

Fear or dread of particular situations, circumstances, objects or things can begin in childhood. We may have learnt irrational responses from our parents. And because the young are more susceptible, these fears can stay with us. Perhaps you don’t like being in a lift or flying?  Maybe seeing a spider will set your heart pounding?

Susie uses solution-focused hypnosis together with NLP methods to persuade your sub-conscious that the perceived threat is irrational, enabling you to be rid of unfounded fears and worries, and freeing you to enjoy your life.


Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome with the help of hypnotherapy

In February 2008, after extensive investigation, The National Institute of Excellence (NICE) published its guidelines to GPs and Consultants regarding the use of hypnotherapy as an effective treatment for chronic IBS.

There is currently no single cause for this distressing and painful condition. However, it is recognized that the considerable stress and anxiety which it causes greatly exacerbates the condition, resulting in even more pain.

Hypnotherapy treats the cause of this condition, which is recognised as stress- related. Reducing stress levels by using enjoyable relaxation techniques, the symptoms of IBS can be made to disappear forever.  Let hypnosis bring relief and comfort back into your life.

IBS is a medical condition so, if you suspect you are a sufferer, you should first seek medical advice.


Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder with hypnotherapy

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is first and foremost an anxiety disorder. It is not a thought disorder, although the thoughts associated with OCD are often quite strange.

Hypnotherapy aims to change the way a sufferer is actually thinking and therefore be able to control the condition.  It can help to make the distinction between what OCD sufferers feel is true (for example, the bath water is running) and what is actually true (for example, the water is turned off). This can be done in two ways. First, hypnotherapy can encourage you consciously to think in a different way. Secondly, it can change your thoughts and feelings at an unconscious level.  Relaxation techniques greatly assist in treating this condition.

Panic Attacks

Controlling Panic Attacks with the help of hypnotherapy

Panic attacks can be extremely upsetting and are a symptom of stress and anxiety. Hypnotherapy helps you quickly reduce negative stress in your life.

Susie will examine the cause of your stress or anxiety by pinpointing your triggers and accompanying responses. This will help you regain control and understand your situation. Through solution-focused hypnosis you will learn how to change your behaviour, developing relaxation techniques and positive responses to stress stimuli. By taking back control, you will become a calmer and healthier person, and those panic attacks will cease to be a problem.

Public Speaking
Public speaking with the help of hypnotherapy

Perhaps you’re going to be the best man at a wedding reception or maybe your boss has tasked you with delivering training to a group of colleagues? Whatever the occasion, hypnotherapy can help you overcome your fears, remain calm and confident and show your real talents.

By using a combination of visualization and relaxation techniques, Susie will help you to deliver your material confidently and free from stress.  Most importantly, this will also allow you to enjoy the moment.


Managing relationship issues with the help of hypnotherapy

The pain from a failed relationship can be very debilitating and affect both our self- esteem and confidence. Perhaps you have been through break-ups before and wonder why they failed? Maybe you suspect you’re choosing the wrong type? Solution-focused hypnotherapy can quickly help you identify your issues and move on, making it possible to form that close loving relationship with the right person.

Self Esteem

Improving self esteem with hypnotherapy

Have you ever felt that others are better than you? Do you believe that you’re not important? Self- image is the most important and valuable asset that humans possess. It’s a vital component in our sub-conscious and it’s vital to our well-being and success.

Sadly many of us have listened to negative comments and thoughts about us, especially during childhood. Do you want to re-programme those negative beliefs? By accepting yourself fully and believing in yourself completely, you will attract the right partner or get the career/job you want and more.

Solution-focused hypnosis will tear down those damaging thoughts and re- build your self-esteem. This programme is also useful in making us more aware of how damaging negative language can be in child rearing and learning environments.


Treating insomnia with the help of hypnotherapy

We all have the occasional problem getting to sleep. But if you’re experiencing poor quality sleep on a regular basis you might be suffering from underlying stress or anxiety. A lack of sleep can cause serious health problems, leaving us exhausted and affecting every area of our lives.

Susie has extensive experience in re-educating the body to accept healthy sleep patterns. Her relaxation methods relieve stress and anxiety and restore your natural balance.

Treating smoking dependency with hypnotherapy

Susie has an impressive record in helping clients to stop smoking. In fact she is so confident of her success that she offers free support after the initial two-session package. Her approach works on the positive benefits of being a non-smoker for life. By re-educating your sub-conscious, the original reason for adopting the smoking habit is replaced with the positive reasons why you want to quit today.

Susie also manages your stress levels and works with you to remain calm and relaxed throughout the short transitional period to becoming a non-smoker for life.

Sports Performance

Improving Sports Performance with the help of hypnotherapy

Guided imagery and solution-focused hypnosis are a proven resource for improving and enhancing sports performance at both amateur and professional levels. Everyone recognizes the way athletes focus by narrowing their attention to achieve their optimum performance at the big events.  Tiger Woods and many others use hypnosis to channel their concentration.  By enhancing confidence, performance nerves and self- belief, hypnosis helps professional athletes and those who simply want to be the best they can.


Mastering stress with the help of hypnotherapy

We live in challenging times; the current economic crisis has caused many more people to suffer excess levels of stress. Many physically debilitating illnesses are directly related to stress, including asthma, eczema, headaches, migraines, and heart disease. Individual tolerance to stress varies, but for some of us it can take over our lives, causing anxiety, problems in relationships and even – in severe cases – mental illness.  Hypnosis is a highly effective remedy against stress. Susie works with you to recognize your stress triggers and trains your sub-conscious to remain calm and relaxed.

Treating weight issues with hypnotherapy

Everyone knows that the key to obtaining and maintaining a healthy body is to eat healthily and exercise regularly. If you feel unhappy with the way you look and want to reduce your weight but have failed in the past, hypnosis can help.

Susie works with you to understand your particular eating habits and your ability to exercise. The first session focuses on improving your self-image and confidence. The second is about what you eat and portion control. Further sessions reinforce your own resources, for example by enhancing your willpower, helping you to make real lifestyle changes, becoming slimmer and staying slimmer forever.