Recreational and Prescribed Drug Use and hypnotherapy


We live busy and stressful lives. Sometimes we fall into dangerous and destructive habits and have difficulty seeing where the use of drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and marijuana is affecting our daily lives. It’s also easy to rely on unnecessary prescribed drugs such as sleeping pills or pain killers.

Hypnotherapy is highly successful in helping clients reclaim or balance their lives. Once an understanding of the situation is clear, we can tailor our approach together and, by building trust and rapport and using a mix of hypnotic suggestion and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, enhance your emotional and cognitive systems, helping you make the changes you would like to achieve.

This programme is suitable for those who use drugs recreationally or for pain relief/sleep. But please note that hypnosis is not suitable for heavy opiate (heroin) crack cocaine users. They should approach their GP or seek advice from their local social services.